Unveiled: BMW Vision iNext Concept the First Level 3 Autonomous SUV

World’s leading automakers are now competing for the tech-supremacy and we can see more and more concepts each and every year. The BMW Vision iNext is one such a concept that was presented recently at the 2018 LA Auto Show. It is an autonomous SUV with the futuristic design both from the inside and outside. A battery-powered model should represent the direction where the German carmaker will go in the future.

The upcoming BMW Vision iNext is packed with the technology features. Moreover, electric drivetrain, touch-responsive systems, and autonomous amenities are all available. The exterior will look very futuristic and the design will represent the future of the BMW. From the inside, there is room for four and it is one of the most modern and strangest cabins that we have seen so far.

BMW Vision iNext Concept front

BMW Vision iNext Concept Design is Striking and Stylish

The exterior of the all-new BMW Vision iNext is showing us the future of the BMW’s styling. Many will find the kidney grille strange or even ugly for many reasons. The sealed off grille supposedly should be the backbone of the full autonomy, thanks to the sensors from the inside. However, it really looks odd and not so eye-catching.

However, the rest of the design is striking and stylish. The rear end looks wider and the overall look is futuristic and sporty. If you can remember, the styling is similar to the previous iX3 concept. There is no B-pillar and this crossover will ride on large 24-inch wheels. Blue accent lighting from the outside should boost the sci-fi appearance.

BMW Vision iNext Concept view

BMW Vision iNext Concept Interior Looks Futuristic

From the inside, there will be room for four passengers. However, we bet the German carmaker will offer a five-seat model as well. The interior looks furnished as it holds plenty of soft wood materials. Seats are extremely comfortable and the blue accents on the seats look gorgeous. The dash sports a double-screen where the one side is stretching behind the second and it looks very futuristic.

Forget about the traditional dials and buttons as the BMW will introduce the “Shy Tech”. It is an intuitive system with gestures and voice commands. Smart-touch surfaces are also in the offer, along with the wood armrest that will respond to the finger movements. The design is clean and the general layout is very asymmetric.

BMW Vision iNext Concept interior

BMW Vision iNext Concept Engine and Mileage

We don’t know that much about the drivetrain, except it will be electric. The German carmaker is yet to specify what sort of electric motor and battery pack will power the upcoming BMW Vision iNext. However, BMW promises zero emissions and almost silent ride. The previous iX3 concept comes with a 70-kWh battery and a single electric motor. The same could happen with the Vision iNext.

That means we could expect around 270 horsepower and 250 miles of range. Additionally, some sources are claiming 370 miles of range. Also, the all-wheel-drive setup is a must as the BMW already confirmed the all-new platform.

BMW Vision iNext Concept rear

BMW Vision iNext Concept Price and Release Date

According to German carmaker, the company will introduce 12 electric vehicles by 2025. The BMW Vision iNext will be one of the first models to hit the roads. The production could start in 2021 according to more reliable sources. However, we still don’t know the exact release date or the price of the electric SUV.

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