2024 Ford Edge Continues Its Journey in China

The future of the Edge SUV is still a mystery, at least in the United States. There are many reports regarding this model and its future. The 2024 Ford Edge will certainly arrive in China as a hybrid model. Whatsoever, we already saw spy photos of the next-gen Edge SUV in China. On the other hand, the US-spec model is still questionable.

According to various reports, the 2024MY will arrive, but only with minor modifications. This model could be discontinued in the following years. After all, Blue Oval now offers the Bronco SUV in North America, and new models are on the way too. The Ford Edge L model is going on sale in China as well, so this nameplate will not die completely anytime soon.

Ford Edge Engine Specs

The forthcoming 2024 Ford Edge will be powered by the same engines as the current model. Of course, we are referring to the American model. A 2.0-liter EcoBoost, for instance, has 248 horsepower. Ford additionally offers a hybrid model with 270 horsepower.

The Edge ST high-performance variant has 335 horsepower. Edge offers a variety of powertrain choices in China too. In any case, the Edge model will not receive a performance upgrade. Therefore, no new engines are on the way, and the current engine lineup will not receive a power boost.

2024 Ford Edge ST

Visual Updates

The next-generation 2024 Ford Edge has been spotted recently in China. The new-generation Edge in Asia is fantastic news. What will transpire with the US-spec Edge crossover, though, is unknown. I’m hoping cosmetic upgrades will also be made to the American edition. The prototype that was spotted is heavily camouflaged, particularly around the front section.

This hints at a newly updated front end with a refreshed grille and headlamps. New wheels are further apparent at first glance. The grille has larger holes and is broader. New taillights and door handles were also seen. Ford is likely to release new exterior accents and colors. The Edge will have a somewhat longer wheelbase and slightly larger dimensions.

2024 Ford Edge specs

Cabin Changes

More interior space is also a benefit of a longer wheelbase. However, this upgrade is truly minor. Right now, we don’t know a lot about the interior of the 2024 Ford Edge. On the other hand, a larger infotainment system, a new digital instrument cluster, and a revamped center console are predicted in numerous reports.

There is a new steering wheel, and the gear shifter is smaller than it is right now. Given that this is the next-generation Edge, all of the enhancements are entirely logical. The Edge crossover in America, on the other hand, is likely to receive only slight inside modifications, per reports.

2024 Ford Edge interior

2024 Ford Edge Release Date and Price

Blue Oval will launch this new model in the second half of 2023. The 2024 Ford Edge will go on sale in various parts of the world, including China and the United States. The price of the US-spec model will start at $45,000 or slightly below that.

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