2021 Nissan Ariya: New All-Electric SUV is Ready to Conquer

The upcoming 2021 Nissan Ariya is the newest electric vehicle we anticipate. It started with the Ariya concept, recently introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show. New SUV will reach American soil later next year. The name is still a mystery, after all, Aryia is just the name of the concept. After the Nissan Leaf, Ariya will become the second company’s electric vehicle. It looks sharp, angular and very modern.

The 2021 Aryia comes with a broader appearance and lower stance. It looks as sporty as Nissan Rogue in our honest opinion. Most importantly, Nissan promised great mileage, plenty of technology and affordable price. Finally, Ariya comes with a semi-autonomous driving system, and it will deploy dual front/rear motor configuration.

2021 Nissan Ariya exterior

Engine, Acceleration

It is the most exciting topic about the 2021 Nissan Ariya. Inevitably, new SUVs will depart from the Leaf model in so many ways. The drivetrain is just one of the different things. Leaf is using a front-wheel-drive. However, the new Ariya will ride on the AWD setup, and it will provide a dual front/rear electric motor configuration. According to Nissan, this model will reach 60 mph in less than five seconds. That is a great result, but all of the new electric vehicles are offering around the same figures.

The 2021 Ariya Charging and Driving Range

At the Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan promised up to 300 miles of driving range per charge. The 2021 Nissan Ariya beats the Leaf model with ease if the figures are correct. After all, Leaf is offering 226 miles.

Furthermore, Jaguar I-Pace offers 234 and Audi e-Tron 204 miles of range. Some car experts are skeptic about it, but let’s wait and find out. If Ariya arrives with almost 300 miles of driving range, it will beat the competition without any problem.

2021 Nissan Ariya charging

Interior Details, Features

On the inside, the approaching 2021 Nissan Ariya will look minimal. On the other hand, expect a futuristic cabin design with plenty of modern cues. The dashboard seems smooth, and everything inside is so sleek. According to Nissan, Ariya will be four inches shorter and four inches wider than the Rogue model. Knowing that we could expect a better shoulder room and less ample legroom. On top of that, cargo space won’t be that generous as in the Rogue crossover.

In terms of tech, Ariya has so much to offer. This SUV will get a so-called “door-to-door Navigation. This feature allows the driver to set a destination on its phone. After that, the directions are automatically transferred to the infotainment display. Moreover, you can set up the pre-cool and pre-heat features. This will set the desired temperature while the car is parked and charged. Finally, the 2021 Ariya will be a level two semi-autonomous technology.

2021 Nissan Ariya interior

2021 Nissan Ariya Price and Release Date

The price of the all-new 2021 Nissan Ariya will start at $40,000. That is the price of the base S trim level. The SV trim will cost $42,000 and SL $45,000. Just like the Leaf model, Ariya also offers three trim levels. We can expect a new all-electric model to hit the dealerships at some point in the second half of 2020. Also, Ariya will become available in the United States.

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