2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will ride on the next-gen Ram chassis

The revival of the Grand Wagoneer SUV should do wonders for the Jeep. The 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is currently in the process of production and the first look shows some promising results. While we wait for more specific information about this model, we expect astonishing exterior styling and powerful turbodiesel engine. The interior looks premium and comfort is guaranteed.

The 2020 Grand Wagoneer will arrive with the iconic seven-slot grille and well-known hood design. Three rows of seats and plenty of wood and chrome trims are what we expect from the interior. Under the hood, a diesel and gasoline powertrains are available, along with the 8-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, expect many trim levels, plenty of luxurious features and unique styling. All of the improvements should put the new Wagoneer in line with the Land Rover Range Rover model.

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer features modern styling

The forthcoming 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will ride on a new unibody next-gen Ram chassis. This SUV looks very distinctive, especially the front end that host iconic seven-slot grille. Moreover, the vented hood is another iconic thing on the Wagoneer, and now, the power dome is slightly higher than before.

The combination of the old-school features and modern styling looks perfect. In order to rival the Range Rover model, Jeep is trying to apply plenty of high-class features on the exterior. Paint that sparkles, chrome materials, LED lights and great ground clearance are a must for this SUV. When it comes to ground clearance, there is a huge possibility that a special version could become available. The special model should deliver better air suspension and add more aggressiveness.

It is clear as day that the 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a very capable off-roader, so ground clearance is one of the most important things. Skid plates are available as an option and those plates should protect the body from damage. Large wheels are looking mean and sporty at the same time and all-season tires are standard now.

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer interior

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer interior

Of course, every Range Rover’s competitor will have a tough task to deliver equally good interior. With that in mind, Range Rover offers luxurious stuff and materials, so we expect the 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer to step up. For the start, the latest version of the Uconnect infotainment system is available and the system adds a large touchscreen.

That screen sits in the dash and other TFT display will sit in front the analog gauges. A panoramic sunroof is optional and is power-folding. The rear seat entertainment system is another top-class feature. That system adds dual screens in the headrests. Three rows of seats show us that the 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a family SUV as well. For that reason, latest active and passive safety amenities are on the offer.

Automatic collision avoidance, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and parking sensors are all standard. Automatic wipers are standard too, just like the multiple airbags. The second-row comes with captains chairs and the rear center console is optional. Third-row adds a bench that is power-operated which means folding the seats flat is available. Leather seats are also optional, however, the standard model provides great comfort too.

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer engine

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer engine

The 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will hit the markets with several powertrain options. The standard engine is a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 that generates 240 HP and 420 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy is rated at impressive 29 mpg on the highway. If you are looking for more horses, opt for the optional 6.4-liter Hemi V8 powertrain. This powerful engine returns 485 HP and 475 lb-ft of torque. However, Range Rover’s 5.0-liter V8 still produces 510 HP.

For that reason, speculations are saying how Jeep plans to introduce a 6.2-liter Hellcat engine in the offer. This astonishing performer can reach 600 horses, which sounds amazing. No matter what engine you opt for, an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission is available.

This transmission provides smooth shifting, however, hard shifting during the off-roading is available and it feels great. You can change those features via driver settings from the cabin. A full-time all-wheel-drive configuration is also available, the same setup taken from the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk model.

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer rear

2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer price and release date

The approaching 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer comes with a high price. This is the only logical outcome as this SUV offers nothing but luxury and power. Starting price will be around $82,000 while the higher trim levels could cost up to $100,000.

The prices are still in line with the Range Rover Land Rover model. It will be interesting to see the upcoming rivalry between the two SUVs. While the Range Rover is still in a slightly better position, don’t be surprised if the Jeep delivers a winning combination.

Jeep’s newest SUV will hit the car markets in the last quarter of 2019. We will keep you posted about the latest Wagoneer’s information and specs, that is very likely.

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