2020 Ford Flex: Redesign, Release Date, Discount Rumors

The upcoming 2020 Ford Flex is a three-row seven-seat crossover. A versatile model comes with the blocky exterior design and lower ride height. Interior is spacious and very comfortable. Just like the “Flex” name suggests, this crossover is very flexible in every possible way.

However, reliable sources are saying Ford will kill the Flex model in the near future. For now, the 2020 model is safe and it will hit the roads once again by the end of the year. A 3.5-liter V6 will remain as the only powerplant choice.

2020 Ford Flex side

2020 Ford Flex Strikingly Beautiful Exterior

This crossover comes with a very unique design. Blocky appearance is easy very recognizable and it is perhaps the highlight of the 2020 Ford Flex. Literally, you won’t find many competitors to compete with Flex when it comes to design. Styling is very modern and the ride height is lower. However, the exterior won’t suffer major upgrades.

It is basically a carryover as we can expect really minor updates. Power tailgate will remain a standard part of the equipment. On the other hand, a Multipanel Vista Roof is optional and more than recommendable. Hood will get slightly different scoops and Ford will introduce two new exterior paints.

2020 Ford Flex interior

2020 Ford Flex Luxurious and Elegant Look Inside

From the inside, the 2020 Ford Flex offers room for seven passengers across the three rows of seats. The strongest point of the upcoming crossover will be its spacious cabin. Every occupant doesn’t have to worry about the lack of legroom and headroom.

The 2020 Flex will undergo some minor changes. Infotainment system will get an update and Ford will probably decrease the number of buttons. That makes more room for the new and larger display. Also, some optional equipment will be standard on the 2020 Ford Flex.

2020 Ford Flex engine

Engine Specs

The all-new 2020 Ford Flex comes with a single engine choice. It is the same 3.5-liter V6 powerplant. However, this unit is available in two different outputs. The first output is regular for the base model and it produces 290 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque.

The second output is available on higher trim levels only. Performance is rated at 365 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to that, Flex can tow up to 4,500 pounds. Also, you can count on the optional package made for towing and hauling only.

Is Ford killing Flex model?

After the latest news and reports, the future of the Flex crossover is uncertain. According to those reports, Blue Oval carmaker will look to discount this model in the near future. The 2020 Ford Flex is safe and it will surely arrive. However, this could be the last Flex we’ve seen on the roads. Other rumors are saying Ford won’t discount Flex, not before 2023. The truth is that Flex crossover isn’t doing so well on the markets as in the years before. Moreover, Ford is clearly focusing on other SUV and crossover models such as Ford Edge.

2020 Ford Flex rear

2020 Ford Flex Price and Release Date

We can expect the price to stay intact. The 2020 Ford Flex is offering really minor upgrades, so raising the price is not an option for the Blue Oval. Knowing that the all-new Flex will cost slightly above $30,000. Limited trim will be priced at over $40,000. This three-row seven-seat crossover will hit the dealerships in the third quarter of 2019.

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