2020 Ford Excursion Will Get A New Diesel Engine

The world’s largest SUV is about to get a diesel engine, finally. The 2020 Ford Excursion will make a comeback in 2019 and the 2020 model will see a diesel variant. Once a popular SUV, always a popular SUV. The interest about the Excursion’s comeback is high as this was the largest and toughest model we have ever seen.

The size matters and this SUV was larger than the full-size SUVs by far. Just like before, Excursion will be based on a pickup truck from Ford’s lineup, probably the F-150. You can expect a couple of minor changes, an astonishing tow rating and not much impressive fuel economy figures.

2020 Ford Excursion front look

2020 Ford Excursion Is Based On the
F-150 model

There is no doubt, Blue Oval carmaker will once again deliver a traditional exterior design. The 2020 Ford Excursion will stick to its roots, that is for sure.

Just like the first-generation, new Excursion will be based on a pickup truck, probably the F-150 model. That means we can expect the same platform that underpins the iconic pickup. Thanks to the lighter platform and more aluminum materials, Excursion will be lighter than before. It is a modern piece of styling and design so the SUV will benefit in the mileage department for sure.

When it comes to styling, Excursion won’t be that unique as before. Most of the features will be taken from the F-150 models. That includes the front grille, headlights, character lines and much more.

2020 Ford Excursion interior

2020 Ford Excursion Interior Features

From the inside, the 2020 Ford Excursion will get a unique design. For the start, the dashboard will be new and the interior will offer so many new materials. The excursion is the largest SUV ever so there is no need to talk about the interior roominess.

The interior space is extreme and there will be room for eight or nine passengers. Even the cargo area will be amazing. While rugged inside, we will say the Excursion is one subtle SUV when it comes to the interior. Whatsoever, the cabin will be modern and equipped with the newest features and systems. Optional stuff will make this SUV more luxurious and that includes Wi-Fi, premium audio system and much more.

2020 Ford Excursion engine

2020 Ford Excursion Powertrain

The upcoming SUV already offers a gasoline engine. Now, the 2020 Ford Excursion will finally get a diesel powertrain as well. The most likely candidate is the 6.7-liter PowerStroke unit that can generate almost 400 horsepower.

We still don’t know the torque figures but you can expect significantly more torque than on the gasoline-powered model. Even the mileage will be improved.

Fuel Economy Rating

If manufacturer put this engine, buyers can expect fuel economy of around 25 mpg combined and the new 10-speed automatic transmission will be in the offer. Generally, new Excursion will be a much better model than the current one. After all, tow rating will be significantly better as well.

2020 Ford Excursion side

2020 Ford Excursion Price and Release Date

Diesel variant will cost slightly more than the gasoline version. The standard 2020 Ford Excursion cost around $50,000 and Excursion Diesel will be priced at $55,000.

There will be three or four trim levels in the offer and we can even expect a high-performance variant in the near future. Blue Oval’s largest SUV will go on sale in the first half of 2020.

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