All-New 2021 Jaguar J-Pace Is Officially Coming

The Jaguars lineup will be richer this year for one new SUV. According to the manufacturer, the upcoming model will be called 2021 Jaguar J-Pace and it will be based on the popular F-Pace SUV.

This model will definitively bring refreshments to the Jaguars lineup. Like the F-Pace model, the new J-Pace SUV will be a mid-size SUV, which is expected to arrive sometime this year.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace

2021 Jaguar J-Pace Design Language

The upcoming 2021 Jaguar J-Pace is an all-new model and a brand-new nameplate. Right now, little is known about the J-Pace design. From plenty of speculations, Range Rover-rivalling SUV J-Pace will have a brand-new shape inspired by the latest Jaguar design language.

The same design can also be found on the Jaguar’s first electric car I-Pace model that has been introduced at the Geneva motor show last year. Also, this premium-compact-crossover SUV looks similar to other Jaguar crossover SUVs like the F-Pace and E-Pace. Generally, the J-Pace is setting on the extended F-Pace platform. It comes with a traditional-looking grille that looks attractive and it features a large hood vent to aid aerodynamic efficiency. Large intakes are also present to ensure cold front brakes. On top of that, it comes with a stepped lower sill and standard 18-inch wheels.

Interior Offers More Space Than the F-Pace

As we mentioned, the new 2021 Jaguar J-Pace is sitting on the extended F-Pace platform. That means there will be more available space inside. From what we heard, the upcoming J-Pace will provide a very modern cabin with quality materials.

Buyers can expect a standard model to feature Windsor leather upholstery, real wood, and aluminum trim. With the more significant body, we hope for additional passenger space. This model will be available in two configurations. There should be a model with two rows of seats and an optional three. Cargo capacity should be enough to accommodate many supplies and to rival in this department Mercedes GLE and the BMW X5. However, in terms of techs, the new J-Pace should come with the latest touchscreen, climate control, Navigation, SiriusXM satellite radio, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration as standard fare.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace cabin

2021 Jaguar J-Pace Powertrain System

Little is known about the 2021 Jaguar J-Pace engine. From what we heard, there is a huge possibility that this SUV could deploy a few engine options. Most likely, it will feature the brand’s new inline-six-cylinder engine. This engine could fit perfectly under the hood of a mid-size luxury SUV. Also, one is undoubted, an electrified version. From many speculations, the new model might use an electric system or even plug-in hybrid powertrain.

There’s also talk of that it will use the same powertrain as the smaller I-Pace SUV. Moreover, we think that the upcoming J-Pace could fit quite a large battery pack to deliver a decent all-electric range. Without more details on the available powertrains, we can’t estimate the fuel economy of this model. Generally, the new J-Pace is targeting in this department models such as Acura MDX and Volvo XC90.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace platform

Release Date and Price

The all-new model and a brand-new nameplate 2021 Jaguar J-Pace will reach the market later this year. Pricing is available and the base model will cost $65,000. Moreover, the manufacturer also announced that the Premium model would start at $70,000, Prestige at $75,000, R-Sport approximately $80,000, and the most robust SVR will pass the $100,000 mark.

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