2019 Hummer H3 Price, Redesign, Specs

One of America’s most iconic SUVs could make a huge return next year. The 2019 Hummer H3 will roll out once again and the latest news made a huge splash in the car’s world. What this SUV brought to the segment was something really special. However, the things have changed since then and it will be interesting to see what will Hummer H3 offer this time.

This model does not offer as many features as the rest of the SUVs. Furthermore, the exterior is clearly unattractive with its heaviness and robust appearance. The cabin sits very high and the engine feels slow but strong. Fuel economy is another department where the H3 model cannot brag. However, if you want a perfect off-roading SUV with the astonishing ability to tow and haul a heavy load, you find yourself an answer. What will Hummer H3 bring to the markets? Let’s find out.

2019 Hummer H3 front view

2019 Hummer H3 front will get aluminum surroundings

The General Motor will have to pay a special attention to all of the departments, not just the engine. The goal is to completely change the previous generation’s exterior and deliver a more modern variant. With that in mind, the 2019 Hummer H3 will for sure arrive as an all-new model. Of course, some of the iconic styling cues could remain, but generally, we expect something refreshing. The front end will get a squared grille with the aluminum surroundings. Headlights are angular and the LED technology will be standard. Below that, air intake’s frame is made out of plastic.

This SUV is really robust and most of the customers find it unattractive. Basically, everything on the H3 looks massive. The rear end sports vertical taillights which looks like a nice styling cue. When you look at it, the 2019 H3 SUV looks very large and very aggressive. GM is willing to keep it in that way, however, the weight will be reduced for sure. The boxy shape will remain, but more sharp lines will be visible at a first glance. Flat roof and the standard truck door are available, and we are yet to find out if Hummer H3 will get some further refreshments.

2019 Hummer H3 front interior

2019 Hummer H3 interior offers comfort

We will find it surprising if the GM offers a cabin that is above the class of this SUV. The cabin sits very high and the comfort inside of it is great. However, we can’t call the interior of the 2019 Hummer H3 modern or competitive. Yes, thick brown leather seats are standard, but besides that, that is it. We are even surprised that the amenities such as Bluetooth or satellite navigation are in the offer. After all, this is a classic off-roading type of SUV and the focus is on the performance, not the interior.

Additional chrome materials are a nice touch that attracts the attention instantly. Hummer H3 comes with a technology package that will provide even more features and systems. Moreover, safety will be better than ever and this SUV will benefit from numerous driver assistance features. Generally, the cabin is heavily modernized and one of the biggest additions will be a large touchscreen.

2019 Hummer H3 rear look

2019 Hummer H3 engine specs

We still don’t know how many trim levels will GM deliver. However, the 2019 Hummer H3 will for sure arrive with a 3.6-liter petrol engine as standard. This engine can produce up to 320 horsepower, but if you are in for the off-road adventures, skip the standard engine. Moreover, this unit feels slow and dull at moments, but yes, it delivers great power. Another 4.5-liter petrol engine is a pure speculation for now and we will skip it as well.

The optional unit will be a strong 5.3-liter V8 powertrain. This engine delivers 320 HP and 340 lb-ft of torque. While the power is great, the fuel economy isn’t as the 2019 Hummer H3 delivers 14 mpg combined. This SUV can tow up to 3,000 pounds which are satisfying numbers for such a small SUV. Hummer H3 sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 8.8 seconds with the standard engine. The same distance with the optional powertrain is 8.3 seconds.

2019 Hummer H3 side view

2019 Hummer H3 price and release date

The price will remain a mystery until GM decides to provide more specific details. On the other hand, the 2019 Hummer H3 could cost around the same as the Jeep Wrangler. With that in mind, a price in the range of $32,000 would be acceptable and affordable. We still don’t know the number of trim levels and what will those trims provide. The 2019 Hummer H3 SUV will go on sale in the first quarter of 2019.


The SUVs with the purpose of going to the off-road adventures are usually truck-based models. The 2019 Hummer H3 will be no different as this SUV is based on the current Chevy Colorado model. More interestingly, the H2 model will use a Chevy Tahoe as its counterpart. One of the goals is to beat the famous Jeep Wrangler.

The popularity of the Wrangler SUV is in the extreme increasing and we can’t wait to see the rivalry between these two models. Of course, 2019 Hummer H3 is still miles away from the Wrangler’s interior or efficiency. But on the other hand, its iconic name is still something on the market, because of H3’s history and tradition.

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