2019 BMW X5M First Look, Release Date

The upcoming 2019 BMW X5M is a performance-oriented mid-size SUV. The regular X5 model was unveiled a couple of months ago and the new model represents the start of a new generation. X5M model will happen next year and it will bring plenty of sportiness and aggressiveness.

Just like the standard model, the 2019 X5M rides on the same platform. A CLAR platform is also present in the new 5 series of sedans. On the other hand, this mid-size SUV will look unique and that includes chassis and powerful V8 engine. Safety rating is great, the interior is luxurious and the price will see a slight increase. This is the only logical move from the BMW, as the redesign is significant.

2019 BMW X5M

2019 BMW X5M is more aggressive

While still in production stage, the 2019 BMW X5M looks very attractive and sporty. We know that this model will bring a high level of sportiness and more aggressive features. However, this SUV will look basically the same as the X5 model, but all of the features are larger. With that in mind, kidney grille is both taller and wider, outlets are larger too, along with the center vents. The front bumper is more aggressive and the LED headlights are adaptive and standard. You can even opt for the new company’s Laserlights that comes with the blue elements finished in the X shape.

To the sides, there won’t be any significant changes. Whatsoever, we can spot slight differences such as lower beltline and the bigger side skirts. Standard 19-inch multi-spoke wheels are available and you can even choose an optional 21-inch roller. Some sources are claiming that the 2019 model will get 22-inch wheels. The rear part will largely benefit from the overall wider stance. All of the features are looking slimmer and that includes taillights. A large roof spoiler is a present and sporty diffuser as well. We expect a couple of new unique exterior paints also.

2019 BMW X5M interior

2019 BMW X5M interior comes with a new design

The interior of the 2019 BMW X5M model is a real state of the art. Basically, all of the features are redesigned and looks much better. For the start, the dash looks really modern as it adds beautiful horizontal lines. The center stack looks clean, the controls are looking gorgeous and latest iDrive infotainment system is in the offer. Moreover, the new 12.3-inch screen sits on the center stack and new instrument cluster is all-digital. A new screen comes with improved graphics and a more user-friendly interface. Navigation is standard and the gauges will look more aggressive than on the base model.

The center console also adds wood trim and carbon-fiber materials are present also. The seats are extremely comfortable, they are sporty and are available in leather and Alcantara upholstery. Thanks to that, lateral support is great. A four-zone air conditioning is available, illuminated carpet as well. The list of features continues with the remote engine start, heating and cooling cup holders and an all-new panoramic sunroof. Legroom is better than before, however, cargo room is slightly smaller.

Safety features

The safety rating is great, and new X5M SUV offers a lot of systems such as blind spot detection, rear collision warning, and lane departure warning. Moreover, frontal collision warning is in the offer, along with the rear cross traffic alert, speed limit information and emergency stop assistant.

2019 BMW X5M engine

2019 BMW X5M engine, acceleration and top speed

The 2019 BMW X5M will continue to ride on a 4.4-liter V8. This twin-turbo powertrain is a real beast under the hood as it delivers 456 HP and 479 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to the latest re-tuning from BMW, the engine produces around 12 horsepower more than before. On the other hand, BMW aims to deliver at least 600 HP and over 550 lb-ft of twists. If this happens, the 2019 BMW X5M will slot above new Mercedes-AMG GLE63 model.

The new CLAR platform is lighter than the previous architecture so this SUV will be quicker as a result. The current model hits from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds and the new model will need 3,8 seconds. Top speed will remain slightly below 160 mph, but the optional performance package will help 2019 BMW X5M to reach 170 mph. When it comes to transmission, an 8-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox is available. This SUV will benefit from the quicker shifting and updated xDrive system that is standard now.

2019 BMW X5M rear

2019 BMW X5M price and release date

As with any other redesign, the price of the 2019 BMW X5M will see a slight increase. With that in mind, the approaching 2019 BMW X5M will cost slightly below $105,000. The current model is priced at $101,000. The biggest rivals are the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Maserati Levante Trofeo, and Mercedes-AMG GLE63.

BMW’s latest mid-size SUV will arrive at the beginning of 2019. We expect from this model to deliver the best performances so far. The price is not cheap but if you want a performance-oriented SUV with the luxury cabin, you’ll have to pay.

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