15 Best 2020 New SUV Models Worth Waiting For

Best 15 SUVs for 2020 Model Year

No doubt about it, SUV segment is the fastest growing segment in the automobile industry. Every new calendar year, SUVs are the most popular customer’s choices and we can’t see that this trend will stop anytime soon. There are so many types of crossovers and SUVs. Some of you will prefer larger ones and some people are fans of the compact variants. The truth is that there is something for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a great level of comfort if you are a fan of styling or you are the practical person that wants to haul things. You will always find an SUV according to your needs. Next year will be the best one so far. The segment is growing, we can expect even more hybrid models, more modern features and even better-looking SUVs.

Whatsoever, some carmakers are also entering this segment for the first time. Have in mind the market is divided at the moment. There are “mainstream” models that are more affordable and there are “premium” models that are hard to compete with in every possible way. We will provide our top 15 picks for 2020. So, if you are willing to buy one SUV right away, you should wait a couple of months more.